Apple: iPhone 10 Release Date, Price, Rumors, Specs, Latest News & Features

apple iphone 10 release date price rumors specs latest news features

Apple iPhone lover could barely hold onto their excitement when the iOS 10 was launched at WWDC on the 13th of June followed by an immediate developer of the beta release. The new iPhone 10 brings with it lots of amazing features starting from the iMessage platform to the Apple music conversion. Check Apple iPhone 10 release date price rumors specs latest news features below.

While the name of the phone remains a mystery, there’s a lot more in the way of spec rumours. Here’s what we’ve heard the 2017 iPhone overhaul will bring.

Everything we’ve heard about the iPhone 10 points to a major redesign that will see the home button removed from the front of the device, in favour of a larger screen than reduces the bezels and reaches to the edges of the handset. It’s the same thing Samsung has done with its new Galaxy S8 and follows the trend started by LG with its new LG G6, launched in February of this year.

Apple: iPhone 10 Release Date, Price, Rumors, Specs, Latest News & Features

iPhone 10 from the outside of the surface may look similar to its previous version but all the entire apps of the system have some huge updates and there are lots of new apps available now in the iOS 10 device.

iMessage: iMessage brings you with more rich updates such as new emoji and also text messages size can be changed efficiently for having an impact conversation with a completely new feature known as the ‘invincible ink’ the recipient will be able to view it only after tapping or swiping on it.

Moisture Detector: In the developer of the beta version it has introduced some of the latest features i.e. moisture detectors for the Lighting port. If your phone comes in contact with even a tiny drops of water it will detect automatically and you will be receiving notification for disconnecting your cable to avoid damage to your device.

Keyboard: It brings you quick type buttons with a site intelligence developed for the iOS keyboard with an improved predictive text and also with some suggestions for adding appropriate pictures or files. iOS 10 keyboard also enables you a click with new sound with the alphanumeric keys which have a high pitch click

Screen Locker of iPhone 10:

apple iphone 10 release date price rumors specs latest news features

The screen Locker has been modified from its previous version now it avails you with more notifications also responding to its force touch. It also enables you the feature like the “raise to wake” features so that you will be able to see the notifications or time or date without the help of pressing any buttons.

Control Center: The control center has a new look with some amazing cool widgets. It is now split into more than multiple screens along with the control of music and videos on the secondary screen and some shortcuts options for the HomeKit devices.

Photos Application: It offers you a new photos recognition, plus object and scene recognition. It has memories which are a new tab in the photos of iOS 10 and it has a similar function just like the feature of Google which brings you together from a particular time in an amazing way. The photos application also lets you create an edited version of videos of any events.

Camera Application: It has a new support for capturing rare pictures using the rear view camera it is likely to have 8 megapixels and a secondary camera with 18 Mega Pixels.

Compatibility of iOS 10If we talk about the compatibility of the devices starting from the iPhone 5 it can support any of the new operating systems. The next iPhone devices will follow some amazing updates of the operating system.

When is the Releasing Date of iOS 10?:

The releasing date of the iOS 10 is like as it is expected that is in the month of June at WWDC event. After that, they will release the software of the beta version to the public which is available for the registered members of the Apple developers. The updated version of the software will be released following the next flagship of the iPhone devices that is in September.

The new iPhone 10 brings to you a lot of new and exciting features that are already explained why the newly launched iPhone 10 is in the top of the deal. You better them up for yourself. I hope you find those articles on iPhone 10 helpful for you and keep on visiting the page if you want to stay up to date. Leave your comment below.

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