ios integration googles waze app

If iPhone users find this function irritating they can switch off the integration accessing Waze’s settings or opting out of the inter-connectivity via Spotify’s online settings. Waze users can begin navigation from inside the Spotify app. Similarly, Spotify will now display all the navigation instructions from Waze within the app. But now, it’s completing the circle with the support being rolled out on iOS devices as well ios integration googles Waze app.

ios integration googles waze app

The integration is now rolling out to all users on iOS over the coming weeks.

To keep your attention on the road, Waze has added a few new safety features.

When your vehicle is at a complete stop, easily switch between apps with one tap for an uninterrupted listening experience.

Google-owned navigation app Waze announced a partnership earlier this year with music streaming service Spotify to put Spotify playlists right within the Waze app, and now the team-up is extending to iOS. Being that the case, it could have easily pulled out the support for Play Music than Spotify.

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