Why Kawasaki’s “Ninja H2R” is the most wanted super bike

kawasaki ninja h2r super bike

Why Kawasaki’s “Ninja H2R” is the most wanted superbike ?

Though , there are numerous superbikes in the market but the kawasaki ninja h2r super bike has occupied a special position because of its extremely powerful engine and high boosting speed . Since two years , the kawasaki ninja h2r super bike is in trend and it is continuously attracting the customers through its special features . Here are some of its qualities due to which it is considered as the most wanted superbike in the market :


kawasaki ninja h2r super bikekawasaki ninja h2r super bike

Kawasaki has worked very hard on the looks of the kawasaki ninja h2r super bike . Well , you must be surprised by knowing the truth that it took almost 3 years by Kawasaki to develop its authentic designer covering . H2R is a closed course superbike which never let your style expectations down . All its features starting from the front , lights , aggressive lines , mirrors , wonderful shape of the tank , fairings , line of the seat which will take you slightly down , all are extremely good .


Kawasaki’s Ninja H2R is one of the most fastest superbike which will make you experience like you are travelling in a speedy rollercoaster. Though, its quite speedy but at the same time its somehow uncomfortable to travel for long duration . And as experienced by many people , sometimes it gets out of control which give rises to a problem of managing it and cutting the speed . But altogether , it’s a quite good superbike often for racing purposes .


Kawasaki’s Ninja H2R comes with a quite powerful engine of 998 cc incline – 4 DOHC . Its top speed varies from 331 km/h to 400 km/h and its carbon – fibre bodywork gives a special technical feature of maintaining speed as constant . Last year , motorcycles engineers messed up with bringing superchargers or turbochargers but they didn’t get that results which were expected . This year , some new prominent features are added so as to maintain the powerful induction .

BIT HEAVIER Kawasaki’s

Ninja H2R is bit heavier superbike as comparative to other superbikes which includes Suzuki Hayabusa , KTM and Harley Davidson . Its heaviness can be considered as both its merit and demerit ; Because it enables a hard grip while racing and on the other hand when we are talking about its demerit , it is hard for the driver to control the bike when given great acceleration . So , its upto your demand that for which quality you are looking for .


Ninja H2R is the best superbike for straight line driving while racing but when the point comes to cover the curves , it is not much good then . Many people has given their opinions on it as they personally have faced this problem of not covering the curves easily . But when we talk about single straight line driving , then it would be the best option ever because of its great speed track that varies from 331 km/h to 400 km/h .


Y If you want a classy and much sassy bike , then Kawasaki’s Ninja H2R is the best option ever . Though some people have complained about its front ugliness , but leaving that point its quite good in looks which will surely match up your style . The broad seat which will take you slightly down is the best part of the elegance of this superbike . It is one of the first bikes having feature of compressing the air before sending it to the cylinder . We can surely say that it is totally designed as per the coming future requirements .

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