Unboxing Samsung galaxy Note 8 Hands on: specs, features, Photos

unboxing samsung galaxy note 8

The Galaxy Note 8 is just what we expected. That’s great news. Samsung’s pen-enabled, high-end flagship phone fills the shoes of the dearly departed Note 7 elegantly. It’s basically a Galaxy S8+ with an S Pen and dual cameras on the back. And considering the S8 is our favorite phone of the year so far, the Note 8 looks very promising. We got a chance to spend some time on the phone ahead of Samsung’s launch event and have some first impressions unboxing Samsung galaxy note 8.

Unboxing Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Hands on specs, features, Photos


As expected, the Galaxy Note 8 borrows heavily from the design of the Galaxy S8. There’s no home key, and the 6.3-inch Infinity AMOLED display cover nearly the entire front of the device. Not even a Samsung logo spoils the all-black glass front panel that covers the phone.

Needless to say, the Note 8 too is resistant to casual exposure to water. The phone’s IP68 certification ensures you can have plenty of liquid mishaps, without endangering internals. Even the S Pen works when there is water on the display.

And we have a video of Unboxing Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Hands On



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